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標題:諾貝爾化學獎得主對談: Professor Aaron J. Ciechanover與李遠哲院士
講題:The development of scientific application in personalized medicine and energy sustainability

  • Professor Aaron J. Ciechanover 2004年諾貝爾化學獎得主 履歷
  • Professor Yuan-Tseh Lee李遠哲院士 1986年諾貝爾化學獎得主

報名: https://db1x.sinica.edu.tw/ASL/registerA.php?no=104&ln=0&sh=N





Professor Steven Chu 朱棣文院士 
- William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Physics and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford University
- Nobel Laureate in Physics 1997
- The 12th U.S. Secretary of Energy


時間: 2月27日(二)下午4點-5點
地點: 中央研究院物理研究所1樓
題目: Climate Change and Technical Paths to a Sustainable Future
摘要: The industrial and agricultural revolutions have profoundly transformed the
world, but the unintended consequence of these revolutions is that humans are changing the climate of Earth. I will briefly describe new data on the risks of climate change, before turning to how progress in carbon-free energy can provide a low-cost path to a more sustainable world. The remaining scientific and technology challenges that need to be overcome in the full transition to clean energy solutions will also be described.

題目:Bio-imaging, Batteries and Beyond
摘要:Our current applications in the development of nanoparticle probes for optical live cell and animal imaging and combined SEM-cathodoluminescence imaging will be described. If time permits, applications of nanotechnology to lithium ion batteries will be discussed.


Bio of Steven Chu
January 3, 2018

Steven Chu is the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Physics and Professor of Molecular & Cellular Physiology in the Medical School at Stanford University. He has published over 280 papers in atomic and polymer physics, biophysics, biology, batteries, and other energy technologies.  He holds 14 patents, and an additional 6 patent filings since 2015.

Dr. Chu was the 12th U.S. Secretary of Energy from January 2009 until the end of April 2013. As the first scientist to hold a Cabinet position and the longest serving Energy Secretary, he recruited outstanding scientists and engineers into the Department of Energy. He began several initiatives including ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy), the Energy Innovation Hubs, was personally tasked by President Obama to assist BP in stopping the Deepwater Horizon oil leak, and initiated in 2010 the annual Clean Energy Ministerial.

Prior to his cabinet post, he was director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he was active in pursuit of alternative and renewable energy technologies, and Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Stanford University, where he helped launch Bio-X, a multi-disciplinary institute combining the physical and biological sciences with medicine and engineering and the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology. Previously he was head of the Quantum Electronics Research Department at AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Dr. Chu is the co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to laser cooling and atom trapping, and has received numerous other prestigious awards. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Academia Sinica, and is a foreign member of the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Korean Academy of Sciences and Technology.  In 2018, he becomes the President Elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He received an A.B. degree in mathematics and a B.S. degree in physics from the University of Rochester, and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as 32 honorary degrees.    





  • 違反學術倫理的案件分析與所學到的課題
  • 身為出版商的 Elsevier 在學術倫理所扮演的角色為何? 並剖析一位違反學術倫理的荷蘭社會心理學者於事件發生後,荷蘭心理學研究學術團體如何看待這個事件
  • 介紹 Elsevier 影像調查技術,分析如何偵測到影像被不當處理
  • 以違反學術倫理事件看大學或研究機構如何處理這類不當行為,並介紹COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) 如何宣導學術倫理與處理不當研究論文之行為


    1. 曹維珈
    2. 賴宜君
    3. 溫雅婷



Prof. Peter S. Kim
The Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor of Biochemistry at Stanford University

Dr. Lawrence Gan 甘良生博士
President/CEO, the Development Center for Biotechnology

14:00 Preventing Diseases with Vaccines
Prof. Peter S. Kim
15:30 Sustiva: Uncovering the Mechanism for the Metabolism-Dependent, Species-Selective Nephrotoxicity
Dr. Lawrence Gan
16:30 Q & A Session



     恭賀!!!中山大學與中央研究院合作之海洋生科技博士學位學程博一學生 許媛婷 研究成果 Nitric Oxide Up-regulates the Expression of Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase Genes in the Intertidal Macroalga Ulva fasciata for High Light Acclimation 被Plant Cell Physiology 接受,約在101年1 月初 on-line publication (Plant Cell Physiology 是SCIE Plant Science 類別187種期刊的第15名,排名約8%左右)這是全世界第一次證實Nitric Oxide (NO) 可調控植物methionine sulfoxide reductase 基因表現,尤其是以大型海藻為材料,相信未來會被引用於高等植物研究。


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“Statement on the health co-benefits of policies to tackle climate change”


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